Computerized Lighting Controller +Voice Activated

This project happened in Phases, over the course of about 7 years. It first started when I simply wanted to control multiply lights with my computer, from main lights to track lighting for video editing to black lights and Lava Lamps. Today I have added voice recognition with multiply microphones for full coverage and envisioning […]

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Bad Capacitors

Capacitors are manufactured by placing a layer of foil over a layer of paper and rolling it around two metal contacts, then sealing it inside a small canister. The paper is soaked in an electrolyte acid. Some company, as its rumored, stole this electrolyte formula from another company and it was either incorrect or incomplete […]

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30 Years of Gaming

My life as an Avatar 30 Years of Gaming This is an evolutionary step of my last article, “20 years of gaming” in an attempt to expand upon the world and worlds I have discovered and explored most of my life. There is no need to find the old article as I will including all […]

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