My Story

Jeff Perushek.com is an entrepreneurial blog hosting many of my company ventures. After being the Lead tech for 2+ years at “Computer connection 2000” in Clermont, FL, “C-Tech Computers” was founded in 1998 at the height of the information age. Covering everything was website development, windows 98, XP, 2000, Linux software, hardware/software troubleshooting, networking and more for over 10 years in Central Florida.

“CTTRC.com” was a resource for common freeware applications to help users out with a variety of tools  from CD burning software to repair and diagnostic tools. In 2004-2008 I worked for Family Christian Center as part time staff, while still running “C-Tech” and picked up many new skills. My title was Director of Information Technology, but my skill was not limited to IT, I learned much more.  Being #2 audio tech, I learned a lot in the area of sound reinforcement, live and recording mixing, photography, graphics design, and show lighting systems.

Having an entrepreneurial heart and a passion to learn all things technology led me to learn many new skills. While I may not be an expert in these fields, I have learned enough to figure my way through them or ask the right questions to get any task completed.

Being joined at the hip as well as in new business ventures, Jen Perushek and I formed “C-Tech Photography” in 2009 as a branch of “C-Tech Computers” to cover many areas of photography as well as graphics design and web design.

Both being Entrepreneurs we also revamped her eBay business  which was founded in 1998 and formed “Fuzzy Slippers Collectibles” in 2010, later to be known as, “The Clay Jar” for a shorter and easier name. Starting with antiques and collectibles we made the transition into the health and beauty products. We went from a carload of $135 for a few dozen items to buying multiply pallets and having thousands of items in our store.



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