Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, Florida

We have a great opportunity to photograph the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, FL. They needed to updated shots of slides, cakes, gift baskets, and more! This is just some of what we did while we were setup for a full on-location studio session. There trained team brought us the baskets, cakes and food in a timely manor and we shot away. Getting to try every food and desert was a big plus for this type of photo shoot! This is clearly a great place to have a vacation, lots of slides and fun activities for the kids and allow the parents to relax and have a good time. They have a ton of events scheduled for the kids while the parents can sit back and relax. This Hotel / Park was highly themed and done very well, its almost like being at a water park, but you have a nice suite to stay in that is just a few feet away.

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